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Composite Doors

We supply and install composite doors that are manufactured by Profile Developments and are from their Palladio Collection. Their approach to composite doors is innovative and radical. The composition of the door differs from all others in its MONOCOQUE structure. This structure gives it a massive strength-to weight ratio and is protected in Europe by patent number 1766176 (Patents in the USA and Canada pending). Apart from the monocoque design there are a lot of other innovative features to this door. For instance, they have designed and manufactured a hinge exclusively for this door, so it is visually concealed unlike the more commonly used flag hinge, which is unsightly. Their glazing system with beads that look like wood is also very attractive. As is evident from the following pages, their wood grain finish is superb, due to the fact that all their tooling is made in house. In a very unique process they replicate exactly the finish of a real oak door, 100% true to the original. Another feature of the door is its excellent U value rating of 0.205 as tested by the “Lambda” testing method.


In addition to this, all our glass is triple glazed and we use edgetech warm edge seals for the lowest U value possible of 0.7 .



Provide excelent thermal insulation

Higher strength for extra security

Eliminates draughts

No need to paint or varnish

Reduces noise entering your home

Minimal maintenance required

Not prone to warping

High weather resistance

As well as looking good, your new front door has to provide peace of mind by keeping out intruders. Click here to find out more about the security featurs of our composite doors and watch a video demonstration or a simulated break-in attempt.


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