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Patio Doors

Choosing the right doors for your home or conservatory should be a careful and deliberate process. As well as choosing a design that it is visually attractive there are number of important considerations that should be considered. The security that they offer is a paramount concern to many people, as is thermal efficiency and ease of use.


Patio doors need to provide smooth and easy access in both directions, yet they also need to be sturdy enough to stand up to the elements and strong enough to prevent unwanted access. Finding a door that combines all these elements in a good looking design can at times seem like an impossible task.


We have recently expanded our range of colours and finishes dramatically to encompass 19 different colour shades and styles, including pastel colours and high quality wood finishes. Our UPVC doors feature a slim-lined 86mm frame, low line gaskets and concealed fixings for a great looking design, combined with an easy-glide system for smoothness and ease of operation.

Provide excelent thermal insulation

Eliminates draughts

No need to paint or varnish

Not prone to warping

Resistant to mould


Advantages of our Patio Doors

Reduces noise entering your home

Little maintenance required

Easy cleaning

Reduces condensation

Strength and beauty

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